No repetition of voterless polls: BNP at token hunger strike

No repetition of voterless election: BNP at token hunger strike


Dhaka, 12 Sept – The BNP leaders on Wednesday demanded the release of party’s jailed and sick chairperson Khaleda Zia before the announcement of the schedule for the ensuing general elections. Speaking at a token hunger strike in front of Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh, they warned that there would not be any lopsided election in the country again and such move would not be allowed.
“Whatever the conspiracy is being hatched by the government, there won’t be a repetition of January 5, 2014, like voter less election in the country,” said BNP standing committee member Dr Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain.
He said the BNP chairperson has to be released, parliament should be dissolved, the present government has to resign, the election-time neutral government has to be formed, election commission should be reconstituted before the announcement of poll schedule and army should be deployed during the polls.
There will be no election in the country without implementation of the demands. And no election will be allowed, he said.
The BNP organized the two-token hunger strike began at 10:00 am as part of its city and district level programme across the country demanding the release of Khaleda who is serving five years in a graft case.
Former vice chancellor of Dhaka University known as pro-BNP intellectual Prof Dr Emajuddin Ahmed broke the hunger strike by offering water to DR Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain.
The law enforcers detained a number of BNP leaders and activists from different areas on way to the programme.
Earlier on Monday, the BNP organized a human chain programme in the city and other parts of the country on the same demand. The party alleged that about 200 leaders and activists were arrested from the city and elsewhere without any provocation.
Speaking the hunger strike programme, Dr Mosharraf alleged that Khaleda has been poured in jail in a false and unjust case filed against her.
“The entire country is united today. The friend countries say the next election should be participatory,” he said adding, no election will be participatory without BNP and its chairperson Khaleda Zia.
Criticizing wholesome arrest of BNP leaders and activists, he said the ongoing movement cannot be stopped by the filing of false cases and carrying out arresting drive against the opposition leaders.
He called upon the law enforcers act as employees of the Republic and not to arrest and harass the BNP leaders and activists without any reason.
BNP standing committee member Barrister Moudud Ahmed hinted that new programme is in the offing to materialize the party demands.
“Such a programme will be given that the boat (Poll symbol of the ruling Awami League) will be floated,” he said.
He said the government won’t release Khaleda without movement and she should be freed by waging tougher movement.
BNP leaders- Mirza Abbas, Dr Abdul Moin Khan, Goyeshwar Chandra Roy, Nazrul Islam Khan, Amanullah Aman, among others were present at the meeting.
The presence of the hunger strike was lesser than the previous programme as the party leaders said they avoided the possible police arrest like the previous programme. – Staff Reporter


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