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Offices reopen after Eid vacation


Dhaka: All offices, including government, semi-government and private ones, reopened on Thursday after the vacation on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha.
However, the presence of employees was very thin at the offices as many took additional leave for Thursday to enjoy holiday for additional three days till Saturday. UNB News Agency Reported.
It was a common scenario in almost every office, including Bangladesh Secretariat, the country’s administrative hub, that employees were exchanging Eid greetings with their colleagues embracing each others.
The holidaymakers, who went to their village homes to celebrate the happy occasion with their near and dear ones, slowly started to return to the capital from Wednesday night.
However, those who took additional leave for Thursday will return by Saturday night.
As a result, the capital still is in a deserted look. Dhaka is expected to return to its usual bustle from Sunday next.
This time, public servants enjoyed a six-day vacation to celebrate Eid-ul-Azha from September 9 as the government declared September 11 a holiday.
However, the government employees will have to work on September 24 (Saturday) for enjoying the additional holiday on September 11.


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