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PM for free global movement of all factors of production


From Golam Moin Uddin, UNB Staff Writer
New York – Mentioning five aspects of migration governance, including securing rights of migrants in all situations irrespective of their status, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday said goods, services and all factors of production need to move unhindered in a connected world.
She also underscored the need for mutual trust and respect, shared responsibility and inclusiveness which are critical to comprehensively address the migration issue.“We must have general a consensus on these universal principles,” she said while making her statement at the high-level plenary meeting of the UN General Assembly on addressing large movements of refugees and migrants at the UN headquarters.
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who convened the first-ever Summit on Refugees and Migrants, among others, spoke at the programme while Peter Thompson, president of the 71st General Assembly, and Mogens Lykketoft, past General Assembly president, were present.
The United Nations adopted the ‘New York Declaration’ — a commitment to protect refugees and migrants, as well as find solutions amid humanitarian crises.
The UN General Assembly held the first Summit for Refugees and Migrants, where the New York Declaration was introduced. The declaration contains ‘bold commitments both to address current issues and to prepare the world for future challenges’.
The United Nations hopes to begin negotiations to hold an international conference related to refugees and migrants as well as the adoption of a ‘global compact for safe, orderly and regular migration in 2018′.
Speaking at the plenary meeting, Sheikh Hasina said, “We must seize this historic opportunity and deliberate on a robust, ambitious and action-oriented blueprint to deal with population movements. This needs to be done within a broader development context.”
Reminding the pledge of not to ‘leave no one behind’, the Prime Minister said migrants’ rights have to be secured, in all situations, irrespective of their status. “For harmony across our diverse societies, protection and promotion of the rights of migrants and refugees are equally essential.”
Noting that migration and mobility need to be placed in a new, positive narrative, she said, “Bangladesh has, therefore, proposed a Global Compact on Migration addressing some of the longstanding gaps in migration governance. The Compact must build on the 2030 Agenda, and capture elements and modalities that are ambitious and enforceable, yet balanced and flexible.”
She said the promotion of tolerance and understanding is crucial for accommodating migrants and refugees. “We must all rise above a solely identity-based discourse.”
Noting that climate change and resultant displacement of millions of people is a reality, Sheikh Hasina said the Compact will have to take into account the protection need of millions of climate-displaced people. The World Humanitarian Summit adopted the Partnership for Protection and Development. The global Compact should build on such innovative initiatives, she said.
She also said promoting safe, orderly, regular and responsible movement of people is about securing individuals’ dignity and well-being. “Bangladesh, as the current Chair of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD), will be happy to contribute to the development of the Compact.”
Earlier, Sheikh Hasina had a meeting with Myanmar State Councilor and Foreign Minister Aung Saan Suu Kyi at the UN Headquarters.
Commonwealth Secretary General Patricia Scotland also met her.


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