Prangonemore's third drama of the year to be staged today

Prangonemore’s third drama of the year to be staged today


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Pragonemore theatre troupe has produced the third original drama in the space of three months. They will perform it today at 7 in the evening for the first time. The performance will be held at the Central Hall of Department of Theatre of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy (BSA). The drama “Bibadi Shangram” is based on the active rebellion against the British occupation of India during the latter stages of its rule. It will be Prangonemore’s eleventh production. Shishir Rahman has written and directed the drama. Ramiz Raju, Mainul Tawhid, Bandhu Tuhin, Regan Sohag Ratna, Shubheccha Rahman, Sabuktagin Shuva are the cast members of the drama.

Bibadi Shangram focuses on the real life events of revolutionaries Binoy, Badal and Dinesh. The three are known in history for attacking the Kolkata Writers’ Building. Prangonemore has recreated the contemporary world of these three who are scarcely known by present day visionaries. Among these three Binoy and Badal committed suicide while Dinesh failed in the same attempt and was eventually hanged to death. But apart from a few martyrs of the anti-British movements we know very little about the valiant sons of Bengal. Bengal Volunteers was just one of the active groups striving for independence and yet the group itself has very few of its members in the limelight of present day scholars. Prangonemore has tried to highlight this fact so that more attention is given to other revolutionaries shining in the dimmer lights of history who never themselves asked for any recognition and fame in return for their sacrifices.


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