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Quick trial of Tonu killing not possible with obsolete laws: CJ


Terming the existing laws of the country obsolete, Chief Justice SK Sinha on Saturday said it is not possible to arrange the trial of Tonu killing within a short time with the traditional and 18th century’s laws.The Chief Justice came up with the remarks while addressing a launching programme of two books at Nawab Ali Chowdhury Senate Building on the Dhaka University campus.

Sohagi Jahan Tonu, 19, a second year history student of Comilla Victoria College, and a member of Victoria College Theatre, was found dead on March 20, hours after she had gone out of her house at Comilla Mainamati Cantonment for private tuition.

Tonu’s mysterious death has triggered countrywide outcry with protesters seeking exemplary punishment of her killers.

“Our most laws have become obsolete. Reform of the existing laws is urgently needed to cope with the current age. Most of our parliament members are ignorant about laws. As a result, making the laws time-befitting one has become a difficult job,” the Chief Justice told the function.

“Once lawmakers used to discuss and debate over proposed laws in parliament. But, these days no discussion takes place over Bills in parliament. As a result, flaws remain in our laws which cause immense sufferings to public, and the judiciary also faces pressure,” Sinha said.

About a perception that lower court judgments are also traded in higher courts, the Chief Justice said, “This is not true…corruption is everywhere in this country, there maybe some corruption in the judiciary, too, but that’s 5-10 percent.


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