Rath Jatra celebrates all over the country

Rath Jatra celebrates all over the country


Members of the Hindu community across the country have been celebrating Rath Jatra festival, a festival associated with their deity Sri Jagannath Dev, since Saturday.

In Dhaka, the festival began with rendering of Harisangkirtan, holding of Agnihotra Jagna seeking world peace and people’s welfare on Saturday morning.

Later in the afternoon, a colourful procession was brought out from Swamibagh setting images of Sri Jagannath Dev, his brother Sri Balaram and sister Srimati Subhadra on three largely built Rathas (cars).

The devotees will pulled the ropes of the cars through Joikali Mandir Road Crossing, Shapla Square, Baitul Mukarram, Paltan intersection, National Press Club, High Court crossing, Doel Square, Ramna Kali Mandir, TSC, Jagannath Hall, Plassey Crossing and rounded up the Rathajatra on the premises of the Dhakeswari National Temple.

Besides, processions were brought out at Ramseeta Mandir at Joikali Mandir Road, Eknam Committee at Shankharibazar and Jagannath Jeo Mandir at Tantibazar in old city.

Like the previous years, the largest procession on the occasion was brought out at Dhamrai in Manikganj on Saturday.

The festival will come to an end with Ulto Rathajatra on July 26.


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