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Rawhide prices fall 50pc at collection centres in capital 


Dhaka – Rawhide prices came down to a half of what it was during the Eid-ul-Azha last year, city dwellers complained on Tuesday. A piece of rawhide of the medium size cow that sold for Taka 2000 last year fetrched only Taka 1000 this time on uesday, said Gazi Mohammad Ali of Mirpur Section 11.The huge fall in the procurement price of rawhide was the result of fixing prices by tanners ahead of the Eid-ul-Azha season. Angry people said by lowering prices of rawhide the tanners only deprieved the orphans and poor people and Madrasahs where their saleproceeds go. Those who sacrifice animals do not take sale proceeds of hides and skin for themselves because in such a case the sacrifice might not be accepted by the Creator, say Muslim priests.
Meanwjhile. residents of Gulshan were confronted with the unprecedented scene of a post-Eid, informal, rawhide market on Tuesday afternoon that not only acted to disrupt traffic on an otherwise tranquil afternoon, but also piled on the filth and gore on one of the city’s main thoroughfares.
Without prior warning, a part of the road approaching the Gulshan 2 circle from the direction of Notunbajar (or Baridhara) was turned into an impromptu meeting place for buyers and sellers of the rawhide of cows and goats sacrificed earlier in the morning.
To the outrage of passers-by out to enjoy the Eid afternoon, almost half the road coming out of the Gulshan 2 kitchen market leading to the busy intersection was taken up by the sellers, some of whom came in lorries loaded with dozens of hides, only to proceed to then unload them onto street and up onto the pavement, to the dismay of both pedestrians and motorists.
One seller had come all the way from Purbanchal looking to sell 40 rawhides. Another came with 32 from Tongi. As for the buyers, they mostly paced along the pavement surveying the goods on offer. An average cowhide was selling at Tk 1000-1200.
Unwilling to speak on the record, two rawhide buyers from the country’s northern districts said the price they were willing to pay this year was lower than in the past, mainly due to two factors: i) Their costs had gone up, owing to a hike in the price of preservatives used to treat , and ii) Uncertainty still surrounding the leather and leather goods industry’s move away from Hazaribagh in the capital to a dedicated industrial zone in Savar.
Even though it is acknowledged that the move should help the tanneries in their bid to modernize themselves and become established as Bangladesh’s second billion-dollar export industry after RMG, the uncertainty can be expected to persist till the move is actually complete.
Rawhide buyers this year received Tk 600 crore in loans from the state bank system to purchase hide of animals slaughtered at Eid ul Adha. Of the 220 million square feet of leather processed in Bangladesh every year, almost half is sourced during this time. – News Desk with UNB


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