Rohingya crisis growing, more aid needed: World Bank

Rohingya crisis growing, more aid needed: World Bank


The Rohingya refugee crisis is growing quickly and support is needed to help cope with the influx, the World Bank said.
World Bank South Asia Region Vice President Annette Dixon praised the Bangladesh government for sheltering and caring for the Myanmar refugees and said the organisation was ready to help the country and the displaced Rohingyas.

“The scale of the influx is enormous. As far as the eyes can see, lines after lines of shelters—made of plastic sheets and bamboos—stretched over the deforested hills. It is creating huge pressure on the infrastructure and services as well as on the water resources and the environment. When the monsoon approaches, the challenges with disease and natural disasters will increase,” she said.

Dixon visited the camps and spoke with Rohingyas and members of the local community.

The visit also included inspection of registration centres, health and food distribution centres, children centres and women-friendly spaces.


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