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School math and real-life problems


Many of us are not able to calculate their tax for submitting tax returns each year but the calculation is not tough and even a school graduate can do the calculation easily if he is learned.Many people are taking support from the tax fair though they are not getting support sufficiently as the clients are too much less informed compared to the staff of the concerned tax offices who support the clients, and the duration of the fair is too short.
In the fair, I found problems in tax calculation if someone has share business and if s/he wants to add his/her portfolio in the tax calculation.
I also found problems in land calculation tax among the children after the expiry of their parents – a common problem in many families.
Therefore, may I ask concerned authorities to take simple problems from our real-life of tax calculation, land calculation and some other related problems for inclusion in the school curricula.
Mawduda Hasnin
Mawduda Hasnin <>


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