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Solar power lights Bengaluru cricket stadium, Tihar Jail


Two recent news items of huge significance from the perspective of providing electricity service to all on a sustainable basis.
The news that Solar power light systems have been commissioned on the roofs of a Bengaluru cricket stadium and Tihar Jail, New Delhi should indicate the huge potential of solar power to meet our electricity needs without acquiring any type of land; let alone the forests and agricultural lands.If the PM’s vision of 100,000 MW of solar power by 2022 is to be realised, such rational approach to minimise the land acquisition and reduce the Technical losses must be deployed all over the country. The true potential of roof top solar power systems (running into many million MWs of power capacity and many Trillions of electricity every year) may become evident if we objectively consider various kinds of buildings, such as schools/ colleges, offices, industries, sports stadia, railway platforms, hospitals, hostels, etc.
We have been advocating this approach to harness solar power for many years. Let us hope this approach will be taken to a logical end for the benefit of all. The authorities should seriously consider solar power option (both SPV and solar thermal) instead of hugely controversial and polluting conventional power sources such as coal and nuclear power.
Shankar Sharma


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