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South Korea will resume propaganda broadcasts


Blue House says broadcasts in response to nuclear test, a violation of August 25 agreement
Hyun-bi Park
South Korea announced it will resume propaganda broadcasts along the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) on Friday, in response to the nuclear test North Korea conducted on Wednesday.
The Blue House said the North’s fourth nuclear test is a violation of the terms laid out in the August 25 agreement last year, as well as UN resolutions.“The decision is made by the Blue House,” a spokesperson from South Korea’s Ministry of National Defense told NK News.
North Korea reacted strongly to the broadcasts last year, declaring on August 21 that they were mobilising for full scale war.
Inter-Korean relations have worsened since North Korea’s statement claiming a successful hydrogen bomb detonation.
Prior to the announcement on the resumption of the propaganda broadcasts, Seoul’s Ministry of Unification (MoU) said access to Kaesong Industrial Complex (KIC) would be limited, citing concerns over the safety of South Korean citizens .
The MoU also forecast that civilian exchanges and projects to support North Korea would be delayed by the current political climate.
“Eight hundred and forty nine people accessed the Kaesong Industrial Complex yesterday. We estimated 515 will enter and 562 will come out from the complex today. The restriction on access to the complex will last for a while but there’s no exact date set,” the MoU told NK News.
After the August 25 agreement between the two Koreas, relations appeared to be improving. The two countries held reunions for families separated by the Korean War and enlarged civilian exchange projects.
“We talked about holding joint meetings in the early part of this year, though it was not confirmed. Actually, the meeting was far from certain for several reasons,” Kim hak-mook, a chief of the Inter-Korean dictionary project, one of joint initiatives told NK News.
“After North Korea conducted the nuclear test, we thought the possibility of holding joint meetings became far less certain compared to before, as the MoU estimated a delay or cessation of exchanges and joint projects,” Kim added.
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(Hyun-bi Park is an NK News contributor based in Seoul.)


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