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Strengthen public opinion against militancy, PM tell Ulema


Dhaka – Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday urged all, including the Ulema, to strengthen the public opinion against terrorism and militancy among the common people.
“I think a strong public opinion has been created across the country against terrorism and militancy which is very good news. A good spirit has also been created among the countrymen and it’s very much essential to strengthen this spirit against terrorism and militancy,” she said.Country’s Ulema could play a very important role to this end through preaching Islam and its true lessons among common people, said the Prime Minister.
Sheikh Hasina was delivering her speech at a conference titled ‘Terrorism and Militancy in Islam’s Outlook and Our Steps’ organised by Bangladesh Jamiutul Ulama at Krishibid Institution in the city.
Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan, Religious Affairs Minister Motiur Rahman, Bangladesh Jamiutul Ulama president and Khatib of historic Sholakia Eidgagh of Kishoreganj Moulana Farid Uddin Masud spoke on the occasion.
Earlier, Moulana Farid Uddin Masud handed over a copy of the ‘Fatwa’ against terrorism and militancy bearing the signatures of some one lakh Alem, including 10,000 female Alem.
Quoting various verses from the Holy Quran, Sheikh Hasina said it could not be the lesson of Islam that anyone would go to heaven and get ‘Hur Pori’ through killing innocent people here.
She also mentioned that those who unleash terrorism and bring disasters are defying the message of Islam.
“I cannot understand how they could go to heaven as they’re (terrorists and militants ) are killing people, creating unrest, defying the Holy Quran and the directives of our Prophet Hazrat (PBUH). They’ve been spreading lessons against Islam and seals are clamped in their hearts,” she said.
The Prime Minister called upon the Alem-Ulema to find out ways to bring back the wrong doers to the right path. “You’ll have to think and take right measures so that everyone gets right lessons of our religion.”
Urging the Ulema to extensively take part in the countrywide committees being formed against terrorism and militancy, she said, “Please, create awareness among common people that the path of terrorism, militancy and killings is a wrong and unjust path and surely not the path of Islam.”
The Prime Minister said although she had earlier formed a commission to work out the curricula for Qawmi Madrasahs but unfortunately there has been any consensus over it.
She said since attacks are being unleashed against the holy religion, there is an urgent need to get united and fix the curricula for the Qawmi Madrasahs with the united efforts of all.
Hasina also suggested the Religious Affairs Minister to expedite the process adding that the number of commission members could be increased to accomplish the task.
The Prime Minister said once the curriculum is finalised for Qawmi Madrasahs, their students will be able to study in Arabic Universities and could also find better job opportunities both at home and abroad.
It is not at all acceptable to anyone that this holy religion will be maligned due to the unruly and inhuman acts of some people, she said.
“All have to remain alert so that no one could harm the dignity of our religion,” Hasina said adding that the real messages of Islam need to be reached to the common people so that no one could confuse and misguide people.
Extending her heartfelt thanks to the Bangladesh Jamiutul Ulama for collecting some one lakh signatures of the Alems against terrorism and militancy and thus giving Fatwa, Hasina said, “I believe the trust and the confidence of people in the whole of Bangladesh would remain intact over this religion.”
Turning to the holy religion Islam again, the Prime Minister said Islam is the most humane, moderate and important religion in the whole of the world as it believes in peace not in terrorism and militancy.
“I feel sorrow some people are maligning this holy religion through killing people and unleashing terrorism and militancy going to the wrong path…..due to a few number of people, the Muslims of the whole world are now facing questions,” she said.
The Prime Minister said her government has already taken decision to set up a mosque and Islamic cultural education center in every upazila and district so that no one could misguide people misinterpreting Islam. The Saudi King has asured assisance for the work, she added


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