Study shows what goes viral on Twitter

Study shows what goes viral on Twitter


Dhaka – A recent study showed that the news that is shared by your friend or acquaintance on micro-blogging site Twitter goes viral the most.
Out of 10 million random clicks on news stories, it was found that 61 per cent of it is shared by others, as shown by researchers at Columbia University and the French National Institute (INRIA).

‘Readers know best what their followers want. In the future, they will have more and more say about what’s newsworthy,’ said Augustin Chaintreau, computer science professor at Columbia Engineering.
After news links are shortened at web app, those links receive the most clicks. But it has also shown that people are more interested in sharing the news than reading it.
‘This is typical of modern information consumption, said Arnaud Legout, research scientist at INRIA, ‘People form an opinion based on a summary, or summary of summaries, without making the effort to go deeper’.


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