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The Hindu Comunity observed Kumari Puja on Wednesdaay


The Hindu Community on Wednesday obsered ‘Kumri Puja’ – worship of the virgin – at different Puja Pandels in Dhaka and elsewhee over the country. It was part of the 4-day Durga Puja they celebrated.
The Durga Puja ends hrugh immersion of ‘Goddess Durga’ on Friday. The odols of the ‘Goddess’ are being immersed in rivers and water bodies marking the end of the annual puja festival of the Hindus which form the largest religious minority of Bangladesh.President Abdul Hamid, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, former Prime Minister and chief of Bnp Khaleda Zia welcomed the members of the Hindu Community on the occasion and wished tsuccess of the festival.
‘Kumari Puja’ reflects respect for virgin women. Girls who are offered to be worshipped and remain in temples in high esteem as ‘Goddesses’ till they attain puberty. After minustration, the sign of attaining puberty, they no longer remin Goddesses and are asked to leave temples. The religion forbids them from marrying for the rest of their lives. – News Desk


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