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The longest migration mile


Mr. Hashen (not real name), a young Bangladeshi guy of 25 years, ran a small business in Sylhet. One night he has directed to Dhaka airport for Ecuador, airport was contacted, trafficker/human smuggler will take BDT.600, 000 ($7,500) after arrival his destination.
Without any hassle, he arrive Ecuador. Wait 3 days in a hotel and 30 days in a family as a paying guest for favorable situation.
Next destination was Columbia; it has taken 2 days by road by taxi. After 1 month stay, he left Columbia to Panama by road.
When he was entering in Panama, immigration police arrested and put him in jail. 11.5 months he was in Panama jail. Though he had Ecuador visa, Panama police ‘push back’ to Ecuador. As per contact, Hashen’s family fully paid to traffickers/human smuggler when first time he was in Ecuador.2nd. time in Ecuador, his family unable to pay him; but he has to pay ‘traffic network’ regularly either exit or re-entry. For survival, he involved himself with a ‘traffic syndicate’ and collected a hand sum amount of money from some of his known and relatives in the name of overseas employment in Ecuador. Sometimes, one victim has re-borne other victims. And again same way to Panama; but this time he has lost (?) his passport in the deep sea.
Then Panama 1 day, Costa Rica 2 days and Nicaragua 2 days, altogether 5 days traveled to Guatemala by buses and taxis.
After 15 days in Guatemala, traffickers/ human smuggler took him to Mexico and kept him 15 days there. One morning they left him a border area. He was so frustrated, life and death seems to be him the both side of a same coin. He saw some peoples were crossing a river, aimlessly he also followed them.
After 1 hour, he entered America with the following group. Next day USA immigration police arrested and gave him 2.5 months detention. After 2.5 months, one of his relative signed $20,000 guarantee paper and bailed him.
Except Ecuador, he didn’t have any visa. Sources of his huge costing were from family savings, sold out their belongings and ‘exploitation money’ in the name of overseas employment.
Including his immeasurable anguished and extreme mental stress, he has to spent BDT.4, 600,000 ($57,500) and period of 18 months (from 2010-12) from his valuable life for the costing of migration.
Anisur Rahman Khan
Executive Director & CEO
IMA Research Foundation
Barovanga (Colonel Market)
Sharulia, Demra, Dhaka-1361


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