UP polls Grand festival of killing, says Bnp's Gayeswar

UP polls Grand festival of killing, says Bnp’s Gayeswar


Dhaka – Stating that a ‘grand festival of killing people’ is going on in the Union Parishad (UP) polls, BNP senior leader Gayeshwar Chandra Roy on Friday questioned why their party is still there in the election race.
“A grand festival of killing is on in the UP elections. People don’t want this election and voting as they can’t cast their votes,” he said.
Speaking at a discussion, the BNP leader further said, “All are saying they can’t exercise their rights to franchise in the farcical polls. Why are we all participating in the polls, though we’re saying the elections are marred by widespread violence and killings?”Gano Sangskritik Dal arranged the programme at the Jatiya Press Club, marking its 10th founding anniversary.
After the two phases of the UP polls, some BNP leaders at different programmes suggested the party boycott the remaining phases of the polls as their party is not getting benefit from it due to ‘widespread, violence, irregularities, vote rigging and use of muscle power by ruling party men’.
At one stage, party chief Khaleda Zia held meetings with party senior leaders and chiefs of the BNP-led 20-party alliance with most of them suggesting her to stay in the race.
Gayeshwar said he personally thinks BNP is supporting the government by remaining in the polls which people are unlikely to take easily. “I won’t go beyond the party decision. But as a common citizen, I’ve a question as to why we’re in the election? Is there any change in the government’s attitude or whether they gave any guarantee that they would not indulge in misdeeds further?”
He also came down hard on the Election Commission over its role in the UP polls and said this ‘shameless Commission’ is holding such polls where people cannot cast their votes. “People had wanted us to boycott the farcical polls, but we gave a yes call.”
The BNP leader also criticised his party colleagues saying their party is not now on the streets as its leaders are busy getting party posts in its committee. “People are counting on us for a change through a movement, but we’re busy in search of party posts.”
He also said their failures in the movements could have lessened had the party leaders been active on the streets to prove their worth for party posts.
Gayeshwar also observed that their movement turned futile as party’s seasoned and tested leaders are now accustomed to luxury lifestyles. “Those of us once had used to take trips in rickshaws now do it in air-conditioned vehicles. Those who had used to stay in rented houses now can’t sleep well if they can’t stay in the houses in Gulshan and Banani areas. I think it won’t be possible to materialise people’s hopes and aspirations by them.”
He also urged the party to boycott those of its leaders who are corrupt to make the movement a success.


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