US ambassador Mozena heads home for consultation

US ambassador Mozena heads home for consultation


US envoy Dan Mozena left for Washington on Thursday for ‘consultations’. The US embassy in Dhaka said he will also visit his family.

Mozena will also visit Michigan “to continue his outreach to the Bangladeshi-American diaspora, civil society, and business leaders to discuss broad bilateral partnership with Bangladesh”.

The embassy did not say how long Mozena will be away but diplomatic sources say he will stay in the US during the first week of November.

However, there are speculations in Dhaka that Washington might give him brief on Bangladesh, particularly after his spat with the Indian ambassador. Dan Mozena visited Delhi after the apparently not-so-happy meeting with the Indian ambassador in Dhaka and had consultation with Indian diplomats.

Bangladesh’s major political parties are at loggerheads over the nature of the poll-time government during the upcoming parliament polls. Mozena has met the leaders of major parties.

Political sources say he met Awami League General Secretary Syed Ashraful Islam and BNP’s acting Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir separately on Wednesday night.

But his New Delhi visit has been followed by reports that the Indians have reacted angrily to suggestions that they were on the ‘same page’ with Washington.

A major Indian newspaper ‘The Economic Times’ reported that the US ambassador in Dhaka went to Delhi “uninvited” and discussed Bangladesh.

Foreign Minister Dipu Moni also asked envoys to stay within the ‘boundaries of diplomatic etiquette’


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