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Zafrullah suggests Khaleda to be active in daytime politics to revitalize party


Gonoshasthaya Kendra founder Dr Zafrullah Chowdhury on Monday advised BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia to be active in daytime politics instead of the nighttime one to revitalise her party.Speaking at a roundtable discussion, he also suggested the BNP chief to hold a rally at Rampal in the country’s interest and start a fresh journey of her party.
“Khaleda Zia needs daylight to come out of her frustration. She shouldn’t waste electricity by holding meetings at night. She should hold meetings at day time or in the evening for at least saving electricity,” Zafrullah said.
Association of Engineers, Bangladesh (AEB), a pro-BNP platform, organised the discussion titled ‘Rampal Power Plant: Triple Jeopardy—Technical, Economic & Environment’ at the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh.
Dr Zafrullah also advised Khaleda to sit with BNP standing committee members once a week to discuss the country’s latest situation and party activities. “It’ll brighten your party’s future.”
He also said Khaleda’s decision to quit 2014 election was right but she did not take to the streets at the right time.
“At least the country’s six crore people are looking up to you whom you shouldn’t frustrate. A big force of the country wants Khaleda to come out of her current position and take to the streets,” the Gonoshasthaya Kendra founder observed.
Describing the BNP chief as a brave person, he said she showed her courage on the various occasions in the past. “I would like to urge Khaleda Zia you please hold your first rally at Rampal for the sake of the country and its people, and start a fresh journey.”
Zafrullah also advised Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to shun her rigid stance over the Rampal power plant and take a decision about it with an open mind.
He also said the Prime Minister can arrange a referendum over the Rampal project.


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