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Truck hits a group of students in Iraq, killing 6

GreenWatch Desk Accidents 2024-04-03, 12:29am


At least six students were killed and 14 injured Tuesday when a truck ploughed into them on their way out ofschool in Iraq's southern province of Basra, authorities said.

"Police in Basra arrested the truck driver who ran over six students,killing them and injuring 14" others in the Al-Hartha region, interior ministryspokesperson Miqdad Miri said.
According to initial information, the driver "lost control of the truckwhen the brakes failed," he added in a statement.
In 2022, road accidents in Iraq claimed the lives of more than 4,900people, an average of 13 per day, according to health ministry figures.
Conflict, neglect and endemic corruption have left oil-rich Iraq'sinfrastructure, including roads and bridges, in disrepair, reports BSS.
Officials often blame crashes on drivers ignoring the speed limit, usingmobile phones behind the wheel, and drug and alcohol consumption.