Sunday , July 12 2020
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Awami League activists getting Asylum as opposition workers
Immigrants in US

Awami League activists getting Asylum as opposition workers

From New York Office
The ruling party of Bangladesh Awami League Activists in United States of America from Bangladesh, are getting asylum by using opposition party documents. They are using fake identities as members of Banglades’s  main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist party (BNP) and the third position party of Bangladesh Jamat e Islami to facilitate their application of political asylum. It is the misery that recently human trafficking  from Bangladesh to Malaysia becomes the lead news worldwide and at the same time Bangladeshi youths have become the talk of the town in the United States of America as well as the mass media circles. Almost 668 Bangladeshis have been arrested in the last six months for their illegal arrival in the USA. All of them are aged to 22 to 32. They applied For PR in USA showing the cause that their lives were vulnerable and under risk in Bangladesh due to their political affiliations and that’s why they were bound to move from Bangladesh to USA. Giving high amount of bribe to the brokers , they left Bangladesh and arrived in USA crossing the toughest ways through India, Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico or Panama Borders.  Most of the time they were arrested on those difficult risky journeys.  Presently getting political asylam in the USA has become very difficult for Bangladeshis.  A huge number of Bangladeshi people are taking the privilege of political asylum showing fake documents.  Even the members/activists of present ruling party of Bangladesh have started talking political asylum in the states. They are using fabricated documents to prove them selves as the member of Bangladesh’s main opposition paeties – BNP or Jamat -e-i Islami. Through their made up statements they are trying to prove that they were awfully tortured in Bangladesh because of their performance/attachments with the opposition parties and they might be secretly killed, abducted or detained, if they return to Bangladesh. – From Mahfuzur Rahman Mahfuz Adnan