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Biman’s outgoing Hajj flights conclude operations

Biman’s outgoing Hajj flights conclude operations

Dhaka, Aug 05 – The hajj flights run by Biman Bangladesh Airlines concluded on Monday operating all 189 flights while the last Hajj flights of Saudi Arabian Airlines will fly on Tuesday with rest of the pilgrims. On the last day of Hajj flight, the Saudi Airlines will carry around 1,100 pilgrims by operating three flights.With the final flight operation, the two carriers will complete carrying all Bangladeshi pilgrims and Hajj management teams to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia except 222 pilgrims, who are unable to perform Hajj this year even after completion of all procedures, according to Hajj office of Ashkona and the Hajj Agencies Association of Bangladesh (HAAB).
The authorities of the Religious Affairs Ministry, Hajj office of Ashkona and HAAB have expressed satisfaction over the smooth and peaceful completion of pre-Hajj management at Bangladesh including the pre-arrival immigration of around 60,000 pilgrims in Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka.
According to the Hajj office of Ashkona, a total of 1,26,701 pilgrims out of 1,26,923 registered pilgrims have already received visa from the Saudi authorities concerned and completed necessary procedures to fly. Rests 222 pilgrims will not be able to perform Hajj this year due to various reasons including sickness or other private problems.
A total of 1,26,923 pilgrims out of the quota of 1,27,198 allocated Bangladesh could register their names within its stipulated period of registration. The rest 275 persons failed to complete the registration process due to various reasons as the pilgrims performing Hajj this year had completed their pre-registrations in 2018.
According to the Hajj office, a total of 1,25,823 Bangladeshi hajj pilgrims has left Bangladesh for Saudi Arabia till the report is prepared on Monday. In the last three flights of Saudi Airlines, the rests 1,100 pilgrims will leave Bangladesh on Tuesday.
At the same time, around 400 members’ different Hajj management teams, Hajj guides, 58-member Hajj advisory team of Islamic scholars and state-sponsored pilgrims have also arrived Saudi Arabia by last Sunday.
Before leaving Bangladesh as a Hajj management team leader, HAAB President Shahadat Hossain Taslim on yesterday said at a press conference that they are satisfied with the smooth Hajj management this year.
“We could manage the entire Hajj management smoothly in a free and fair manner. No allegation of irregularities or corruption or mismanagement has arisen this year,” he said, adding, “Whenever we got any compliant, it was taken in account. As a result, all of the pilgrims could fly for Hajj and the authority is happy with the management. ”
“The government and HAAB were always sincere about smooth and fair Hajj management. We have always tried to ensure that no one of the pilgrims is suffering. We were strict. We will also remain strict at Saudi end, so that no one has to suffer. If we get any complain, tough actions will be taken. HAAB’s membership of the errant agencies will also be suspended,” he assured.
He said that some 222 people will not be able to perform Hajj this year due to their personal problems and physical unfitness.
Expressing his deep concern over some pilgrim’s failure to perform Hajj this year even after paying fees due to fraudulence of some agencies, Taslim also urged everyone to pay Hajj fees directly to the agencies instead of middlemen.
“If you pay through the bank accounts of the agencies, we can take actions against the agencies. The agencies can be taken under legal steps. But, if you pay through the middlemen, it’s hard to identify them. So, please avoid middlemen completely in future,” he added. – Staff Reporter