Rani gets posthumous recognition as world’s smallest cow

2021-09-29, 4:19pm Biodiversity


Rani gets posthumous recognition as world’s smallest cow

Savar, Sept 28 -  The dwarf cow named Rani, reared in a Savar farm has finally been recognized as the world's smallest cow by Guinness Book of World Records, a month after her death.

Owner of Shekor Agro Industries Limited in Pathalia union, Md Abu Sufiyan confirmed the news to UNB on Tuesday morning.

On Monday afternoon Guinness Book of World Records authority confirmed the news through a mail, said Abu Sufiyan.

“We had sent Rani’s autopsy report to Guinness Book authority to prove there was no hormone injection or anything artificial behind her dwarf stature,” said Abu Sufiyan.

Satisfied this wasn’t the case, they announced Rani as the world’s smallest cow, said the owner of the farm.

On August 19, Rani died due to ‘excessive gas accumulated in its stomach,’ according to Sajedul Islam, livestock officer of Savar.

The dwarf cow of the Boxer Bhutti breed stood just 51cm (20in) high and weighed 28kg (62Ib).

It was waiting to be recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as the world's smallest cow.

The cow turned into a celebrity since its news first broke back in July and hundreds of visitors flocked to the farm to catch a sight of it.The title for the world's smallest cow had been held officially by Manikyam, in neighbouring India, which measures 61.1cm from the hoof to the withers. - UNB