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BGB DG vows support for joint operations against KNF

Border 2024-05-14, 9:31am


BGB DG speaking at s programme of the border guards. Photo collected.

Dhaka, May 13 - Director General (DG) of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) Major General Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman Siddiqui issued a warning to the armed separatist group Kuki-Chin National Front (KNF), saying that as long as their activities continue, BGB will participate in the Army-led joint forces' operation, giving all out support.

He said that the “terrorist group” KNF is trying to circulate propaganda through various mediums, including social media, that joint forces are torturing innocent people, which is not true at all.

The BGB DG came up with the remarks while responding to journalists’ questions at Ruma Battalion headquarters in Bandarban district on Monday.

Earlier, the DG BGB visited several frontier areas of Bandarban and inspected Thanchi and Ruma upazilas. Besides, he also visited Bolipara Battalion (38 BGB) under the Bandarban sector and discussed a few matters with BGB members at all levels.

During his visit, on duty BGB members of every battalion, BOPs, and camps under the Bandarban sector were connected through VTC/wireless sets.

Talking to reporters at the Ruma Battalion headquarters, the DG BGB said BGB members of Border Outposts (BOPs) under BGB Bolipara Battalion (BGB 38) and BGB Ruma Battalion (BGB 9) have remained on high alert along the Bangladesh-Myanmar border. They are participating in the operation of the Army-led joint forces while ensuring the security of the frontiers, he said.

Joint forces led by the army are conducting operations against KNF, where BGB is providing assistance according to the army's plan. The purpose of Monday’s visit was to advise and encourage BGB members.

He said that the army-led operation is a success. The main objective of this operation is to prevent any terrorist group from continuing their anti-state activities.

KNF’s terrorist activities are not supported by the Bawm community or the general public, the BGB DG said.

The operation will continue as long as KNF's terrorist activities continue. BGB will continue to fully participate in and provide support to the joint operation led by the army, he also said. - UNB