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BUET students stick to no politics, BCL visits shaheed minar

Campus 2024-04-02, 11:18am


General students of BUET hold rally demand no political activities on campus

Dhaka, April 1 - In the wake of the High Court's decision to overturn the ban on student politics at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (Buet), students convened a press briefing at 6:02 pm on Monday, voicing their aspiration for a campus devoid of political activities.

At the briefing, the students articulated their reverence and trust in the nation's judiciary, emphasizing their stance against the incursion of external political figures onto the campus, notably the incident on March 28 deemed a breach of university regulations. 

They appealed to the Vice-Chancellor to align with the wishes of the Buet teachers and students in sustaining a politics-free educational environment.

In contrast, Chhatra League President Saddam Hossain, addressing the media on Monday afternoon, welcomed the High Court's decision as a restoration of constitutional rights previously curtailed by the university's administrative policies. Hossain expressed optimism about the resumption of regular student political activities at Buet, pledging to pursue this objective in accordance with the High Court's directive and Buet's ordinances.

Buet's administration has declared its intention to comply with the High Court's decision, signaling a potential shift in the campus's political landscape.

Subsequent to these developments, supporters of the Bangladesh Chhatra League at Buet organized a procession, culminating in a tribute at the Buet Shaheed Minar. - UNB