Friday , May 29 2020
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Coronavirus uncertainties
Ronan Dantec, President of Climate Chance

Coronavirus uncertainties

Dear Sir, Madam,
The beginning of the year 2020 underlines both the interdependence of our societies and our human frailties. However, although scientists’ warnings about the dangers of the Coronavirus have led to strong responses, the same community’s warnings about the climate remain unanswered to this day.
Yet how can we fail to see that behind global warming there are a number of health catastrophes that are even more fearsome than a new virus? We can only hope that the current crisis will finally foster not only a salutary awareness of our fragility but also, once the crisis has been overcome, the conviction that we are collectively capable of responding to the global challenge of climate change.
Strengthening this collective capacity is Climate Chance’s mission, the only international organisation that unites all the actors involved in this struggle: local authorities, NGOs, companies… For the past two years, our activities have multiplied, notably with the organisation of the main African Summit of non-state actors, and the publication of the second edition of our Synthesis report on non-state climate action.
In 2020, we will continue along the same path while expanding our ongoing activities. We look forward to seeing you in Kigali in mid-September for the third “Climate Chance Summit Africa”, and for the publication of our third report on the state of action in the autumn.
President, Climate Chance