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Enquire into Prof. Yunus matters

Dr. M. S. HaqA variety of discussions on and allegations against acts, as well as deeds of Noble Laureate Prof. Dr. M. Yunus and concerned others – within and beyond the grameen bank, as appropriate – are still rife in different quarters of for example Bangladesh. The latest development in that respect has reportedly originated from recent statements of PM Hasina at meetings with her political community, government ministers and concerned others. The matrix of appreciations, allegations, rejoinders and similar things so far with regard to Yunus matters has inter alia been instrumental in sustaining a kind of thrusts in favor of a thorough enquiry into above matters by Bangladesh.
One of the underlying assumptions here is: a fair, thorough, apolitical, and interdisciplinary inquiry into the matter could help establish a more objective than a subjective version of anatomy, physiology, outcome and ramification of acts and deeds of Prof. Yunus and concerned others in pertinent areas. The exploration and exploitation of say further truth and truth behind the truth in Yunus matters vide the said enquiry could (help) liberate people at local, global and other levels from present day confusions, misunderstandings, heresy, rumors, exaggerations and other harmful things in pertinent areas – especially, in the presence of contemporary ICT realities under growing global interdependencies – enabling them (the people) to afford Prof. Yunus and concerned others the right and affordable justice, as applicable.
In light of above and other things, it has now become incumbent upon Bangladesh to (help) improve ‘quality’ of DNA transfers at intra, inter and other generational levels by setting what I would call a generational example of truth for others to follow it – via outcomes of the enquiry. Enhance cultivation of culture of truth and truth behind the truth at conceptual, operation and others levels for maintenance of homeostasis (used in a medical sense) of for example Gene mechanics of people – in overall pursuits of respect for people, better governance, the right and affordable justice for all at all time, sustainable peace + progress + prosperity, discoveries, inventions, innovations, equality, equity, elimination of wastage, and maximum satisfaction of people, to mention a few, at local, global and other levels.
Rise above harmful self, as well as partisan agendas and outcomes. Maximise appropriate uses of for example ethics, morality, science and technology as servomechanisms of transparency, accountability and related things for transformation of 21st century into a century of super excellence in annals of human history. The last word: Bangladesh should settle Yunus matters through a proper and credible judicial enquiry into the matter. God bless.

(The author is inter alia Proponent of Gene mechanics)


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