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On plea of road repair, many palm trees cut in Kalapara

Environment 2024-07-09, 10:50pm


Palm trees felled in Kalapara on the plea of road repair.

Patuakhali: At least 30 to 35 eco-friendly palm trees along with datejuice trees have been cut down in the name of road repair in Kalapara of Patuakhali. Chakamaiya Union Parishad Chairman Md. Mojibur Rahman Fakir of the upazila ordered that the trees on the side of the road of Moulvitabak village of that union were cut.

It is known that under the Kabita project, Chairman Mojibar is doing the work of laying soil on the 2 km road of that village. Earlier, on his orders, palm trees were arbitrarily cut down from the government roads. In addition, many trees are removed with rakes and thrown into the canal when soil is dumped on the road by scavetor. Locals claim that the work of throwing soil on the road could have been done without cutting down these trees that protect the environment and prevent lightning.

The former chairman of Chakamiya Union Md. Humayun Kabir Keramat said that the government planted palm trees to protect against lightning, and the chairman cut down about 60 trees of different species including palm trees in the name of road reform. It has destroyed the balance of the environment.

In this regard, UP Chairman Md. Mojibar Rahman Fakir said, "My opponents are spreading false propaganda against me by cutting palm trees. Neither I nor my council know anything about cutting palm trees."

Kalapara Upazila Nirbahi Officer Md. Rabiul Islam said that an investigation committee will look into the matter and take legal action.

Incidentally, earlier Mohipur Union Parishad Chairman Md. Fazlu Gazi and UP member Sobahan Mia cut countless palm trees in the name of road reform. After the matter was published in the media, the High Court was inspired and issued a ruling on it. At the same time, the Deputy Commissioner, UNO was directed to form an inquiry committee and submit a report to the court within seven days. And the court directed the local government council department to suspend the accused UP chairman and member until the rule is settled. - Gofran Biswas Palash