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Falgun is back
Basonto- Falgun is back

Falgun is back

Dhaka, Feb 12 – While the flower markets of the country are abuzz with supplies, people are all set to welcome the first day of Spring with the Bengali month of Falgun in a colorful way on Tuesaday. Being a day full of colors, people, specially young boys and girls and kids, tend to celebrate this occasion with bright colors and freshness of flowers.
Sushmita, a student of Dhaka University said, this day brings positive energy among us. Spring, the king of all seasons brings a new life in the environment as well as the lives of the people.
While this young lady plans to enjoy the day with friends, Charukala, the Fine Arts Faculty of Dhaka University is about to arrange a spring festival in its premises where many people will gather to celebrate the day with their dear ones.
The day has special connection with flowers, which brings people closer to the nature, said Sanjoy Basak, a student from Mohammadpur who came to Shahbagh to buy flowers for his mother to decorate their house.
Falgun is the eleventh month in the Bengali calendar and the first month of the season, Spring, the king of all six seasons in the Bengali calendar that brings back warm sunshine, budding flowers and dancing birds.
The first of Falgun is known as Pahela Falgun and usually falls on February 13 of the Gregorian calendar. – UNB