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Hanif Sanket breaks silence on controversy doctor couple

Hanif Sanket breaks silence on controversy doctor couple

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Television host and media personality Hanif Sanket is in the limelight since the broadcast of the Rangamati special episode of the popular magazine show ‘Ityadi.’ In the show, Hanif Sanket brought to light the selflessness and supreme example of humanity by a doctor couple from the US who has moved to Tangail to run forward the Kailakuri Health Care Centre in Madhupur Upazila, following the death of Dr. Edric Sargission Baker, the New Zealander who established it in 1996. Dr. Edric Baker, affectionately called as ‘Daktar Bhai (doctor brother)’, served poor people here for over 32 years until his death, due to chronic illness, in 2015.Before his demise, he appealed to the doctor community all over the world to carry forward his legacy. Dr. Merindy Zoschke and her husband, Dr. Jason Morgension, wanted to devote themselves to medical missionaries throughout their lives. Encouraged by the late doctor’s ideals, the physician couple joined the health care facility in July this year as volunteering medical consultants. Hanif Sanket broadcasted a segment about them on the latest episode of ‘Ityadi’ and it went viral on Facebook, YouTube and other social media.
However, a portion of the audiences, especially some YouTube channels questioned the intention of Hanif Sanket. They tried to malign Hanif and even went on to say that Hanif Sanket brought disrepute to the entire doctor community of Bangladesh by projecting ‘half-truth’ about this doctor couple Jason and Merindy.
‘The Young Fellow’ — A YouTube Channel has uploaded a video on their channel claiming that Hanif Sanket falsified about this doctor couple by elevating them and thus bringing disrepute to the Bangladeshi doctors and intern doctors who are working there along with Jason and Merindy. They further added that Hanif Sanket humiliated Dr. Rakib and others who also served the poor patients at that Health Care Center.
This reporter talked with Hanif Sanket to know his views about this controversy surrounding him. He says, “I am taken aback after watching this video. The documentary we aired on ‘Ityadi’ about Jason-Merindy was in no way humiliating for our doctors as nowhere in that documentary did we mention anything bad about the doctors of our country. We just projected the generosity of this doctor couple who has moved to Bangladesh along with their children to serve the poor patients of Bangladesh. They have set up an inspiring example of humanity, benevolence, and kindness towards the Bangladeshi people.”
“A couple, who sacrificed their luxurious life in USA, has come forward to help our poor patients; they are living in the mud house, eating our local cuisines and also compromising with the lifestyle of their little children. Is not it inspiring for all of us?” questions Hanif Sanket.
When asked why Doctor Jason permitted them to record such a demeaning video against ‘Ityadi’, Hanif replies, “Actually the so-called host of that controversial video spoke in Bangla and Jason is not fluent in Bangla. If he knew the intention of that host and if he could understand what he was saying, I am sure he would have stopped him. I am sure Jason talked with him in good faith”
Hanif Sanket further adds, “If that YouTube channel is indeed honest about their content, why do not they open the comment section of their video? Why are they scared to accept the views of the people? It proves the fact that they are not honest about their content and so they are afraid to welcome constructive public criticisms.”