Hindus issue 24 hrs ultimatum from Shahbagh blockade

2021-10-18, 7:33pm Metro


Thousands of protesters on Monday blocked traffic at Shahbagh intersection for several hours protesting the recent countrywide violence against minority Hindus.

Dhaka, Oct 18 :  Thousands of protesters on Monday blocked traffic at Shahbagh intersection for several hours to denounce the recent violence against minority Hindus in different parts of the country.

Joined by Dhaka University students the protesters from the Hindu community threatened to continue the blockade indefinitely.

However, around 2pm, they called off the sit-in programme following assurance from the authorities.

The protesters were seen chanting slogans demanding a separate ministry for the minorities and asking the administration to answer why the temples were attacked.

Their demands include: 

Formation of a special tribunal and investigate the negligence of local administration, ensure exemplary punishment for those involved in the attacks ,formation of separate ministry and commission for the country's minorities ,properly compensate the victim families and businesses , povide necessary treatment to those who got injured in the attacks , immediately rebuild the damaged temples, houses, and other establishments ,  make new law to ensure highest punishment for communal attacks , allocate 15 per cent of the country's GDP for minority communities,, revamp Hindu Religious Welfare Trust, release all Hindus arrested since the 13 October incident and compensate them , take measures to prevent the spread of communalism and prevent extremists and anti-independence forces from tarnishing Bangladesh's image.

They vowed to continue their protest until their demands are met.

The blockade triggered

severe traffic gridlock in Shahbagh, Paltan, Science Lab, Elephant Road, Bangla Motor and the adjacent areas.

Earlier on 13 September, a reported demeaning of the holy Quran stoked communal tensions in Cumilla.

Following the incident, attacks were carried out on puja mandaps, temples, houses, and business establishments belonging to the Hindu community in at least 10 districts of the country, reports UNB.