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DW documentary "misleading portrayal" of Bangladesh Army personnel in UN Missions: ISPR

Military 2024-05-26, 12:36am


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Dhaka, May 25 (UNB) - The Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) has said the recent ‘false ‘and ‘fallacious’ Deutsche Welle (DW) documentary titled "Torturers deployed as UN peacekeepers" presents a "misleading portrayal" of Bangladesh Army personnel in UN Peacekeeping Missions. 

"Misrepresentation and insufficient diligence can lead to eroding the credibility and effectiveness of peacekeeping forces globally," ISPR said on Saturday protesting the report. 

More so, the Bangladesh Army has a spotless record with no human rights violations while serving under the UN, a distinction shared by only a few countries, it said in a rejoinder to Deutsche Welle (DW) Documentary on UN Peacekeepers.

Given these facts, ISPR said, it is crucial for media outlets to adhere to the principles of fair and balanced reporting, especially on issues as vital as international peacekeeping.

It said Bangladesh Army rigorously follows the UN's stringent selection and vetting protocols to ensure that only the most qualified and thoroughly vetted individuals are deployed.

"These measures underscore the Army's commitment to upholding the highest standards of conduct and professionalism in peacekeeping missions," ISPR said.

Furthermore, it said, DW did not seek comments from the Bangladesh Army regarding the allegations presented in the documentary.

"This lack of balanced reporting raises concerns about the aim and objective of the documentary. It is pretty clear that the documentary was focused on defaming a law enforcing agency of Bangladesh showing irrelevant video footages," ISPR said.

"It was totally a biased media projection, which has largely compromised the credibility of the documentary. It has also raised questions about the motive behind it," ISPR added.

It is crucial to "recognise the significant contributions" of Bangladesh to UN peacekeeping efforts.

Bangladeshi peacekeepers have earned a reputation for their dedication, professionalism, and humanitarian approach.

A total 131 Bangladesh Army personnel have made supreme sacrifice and 239 sustained injuries while serving under the UN flag, embodying the spirit of selflessness and commitment to global peace. - UNB