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I never dreamt of being here: Actor Kawsar Hamid

Movies 2023-11-21, 12:27am


Actor Kawsar Hamid

Kawsar Hamid is one of the most popular and busy actors of this time who stepped in the media as a host and a model. He made his debut as an anchor in a magazine show star world, which gave him mass popularity. He has been picked as a model by celebrated Director Amitav Reza for a TV commercial on Bangladesh Army. Since then, the talented model-actor has occupied a strong position in the showbiz. Currently, Kawsar Hamid is all set to debut on the silver screen with an action romantic film sotru, directed by Azad pranto. In an interview with the Kawsar

talked about his recent ventures:

What are you up to nowadays?

I am working on Azad pranto’s first film sotru. As it is my silver screen debut, I am giving my all concentration towards the film.

Why you have been chosen this film as your debut to the silver screen?

I found this film to be appropriate for my debut. I also love the story and every details of the role. I am lucky that I am starting my journey on silver screen with same director whose telefilm was my first acting debut.

I have good understanding with Azad Pranto. I started my career with his telefilm josna bari. We also have a strong connection, I was always confident about Azad’s ability to deliver good entertainment pieces to the audience. Another point is, I trust that he is introducing this role specifically with for me, because it feels that this role is tailor-made to suit my abilities.

How did you get yourself ready for the silver screen debut?

I have done huge homeworks about working on the silver screen. I learnt how to be a dancer, co-ordinate as action hero and also did a lot of work to improve my acting. From the very begging of my career, everyone helped me a lot.

Who inspired you?

First I thought it’s not my cup of tea. Being a host was enough for me. But, Amitav reza just played the lead role in launching my career and he is my mentor. He taught me every small detail of the trade. I have learned so many things from him. Celebrated and noted actor Humayun Faridi also inspired me.

Do you have any plan to stick to modeling?

I won’t stop modeling. In my entire career I have done only eight advertisements and every single one succeeded in the market.

What is your current goal?

I don’t have any plan right now except for this film. A movie reel keeps a performance alive for years with repeated views by the audience. I want my performance to leave a good impression.

According to Kawsar Hamid hardwork and determination never goes unrewarded and he believes that he is director’s actor. - Himu Akram