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Bollywood movie ‘Crew' premieres at Star Cineplex

GreenWatch Desk Movies 2024-04-02, 9:46am


The latest Bollywood movie "Crew" was released at Star Cineplex on Monday for the Bangladeshi audience, marking the first Hindi film that Star Cineplex has imported through the SAFTA agreement.

Since its release in India on March 29, the film has been garnering good responses in the country’s cinema halls. Discussions have been going on for quite some time about the movie 'Crew' featuring three heroines from three generations of Bollywood, and audiences have been eagerly waiting for the film’s Bangladesh release.

Regarding the release, Star Cineplex's senior marketing officer, Mesbahuddin Ahmed, said, “The movie 'Crew' is being released in Bangladesh through a SAFTA agreement. For the first time, we are importing and releasing Hindi movies.”

“We noticed that our audiences expressed their interest in watching 'Crew' alongside its Indian release, and many anticipating moviegoers have already contacted us to know its schedule. As per rules, Hindi movies cannot be showcased during the upcoming Eid festival, so the shows of the films will be off during Eid,” he said.

The movie narrates the difficult lives of air hostesses or flight attendants in the airline business. However, the movie 'Crew' is being the talk of the town for its ensemble cast featuring three heroines from three generations of Bollywood: Tabu, Kareena Kapoor, and Kriti Sanon.

Produced by Rhea Kapoor, daughter of Ekta Kapoor and Anil Kapoor, ‘Crew’ is directed by Rajesh Krishnan and highlights the current plight of the airline industry. Tabu and Kareena have worked together for the first time in this comedy-genre movie, reports UNB.