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Oman giving over 100,000 jobs from expatriates to its own nationals

Oman giving over 100,000 jobs from expatriates to its own nationals

Muscat: More than 100,000 jobs are to be stripped from expatriates and given to Omanis as the government works to redress the imbalance in the Sultanate’s employment market.
Minister of Manpower Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser Al Bakri on Monday affirmed the move to reduce the level of expatriates working in the private sector in the Sultanate from its current level of 39 per cent of the total manpower to 33 per cent, the Oman News Agency reported.
This would see the number of expat workers ultimately drop from 692,867 to 586,272.The news comes as statistics show expatriates are still outnumbering Omanis more than six to one in the Sultanate’s private sector jobs market despite the government’s efforts to boost employment prospects for citizens.
In 147,438 companies, the number of Omanis is just 224,698, which is only 14.6 per cent of the total 1,533,679 employees (citizens and expats) in the private sector in 2013, according to the data revealed by Ministry of Manpower. Over the same period, the number of expat employees soared to 1,308,981. Total manpower, both public and private, stood at 1,776,583.
Abdullah bin Nasser Al Bakri, said that this was despite the efforts made by the ministry to equip Omanis with skills required to grow in their respective areas in private sector.
He told the Times of Oman: “Though there was no planned time-frame for pushing Omanis in the private sector to a particular ratio, the ministry was working hard to encourage them and promote their skills required for the job market.”
The data also reveal that the total percentage of expatriate employees is 39 per cent of the total population of the country.
According to the educational levels, the number of Omanis with less than general diploma level were 80,831 and expats were 939,704. The number of diploma holder Omanis was 101,130 and the number of expats is 209,019.
There are 20,025 Omani graduates and 36,046 expatriate graduates in the sector; 22,712 Omanis and 124,212 expatriates have university level degrees.
Among the total employees, 30.6 per cent have limited skills, 50.2 per cent are skilled, 7.8 per cent have technical knowledge and 11.4 per cent have specialisation.
Out of the total expatriate workers, 32.9 per cent have limited skills, 28.1 per cent are skilled, 30.2 per cent have technical skills and 8.8 per cent have specialisations.
In terms of professions, Omanisation achieved in clerical jobs was 95.5 per cent, in services 20 per cent, administrative jobs 17 per cent, industrial jobs 13.1 per cent, basic engineering assistance 7 per cent, technical 2.2 per cent, specialised professions 18.7 per cent, sales 15.7 per cent and agriculture 7.3 per cent. – Times of Oman