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The dengue menace created by negligence

Jehangir Hussain Op-Ed 2022-11-06, 9:10pm


Jehangir Hussain

The government it is alleged has failed to take the dengue menace seriously.

According to newspaper reports, the dengue menace has reached all the districts in Bangladesh except four.

It is occurring due to poor surveillance, unplanned urbanisation, bureaucratic negligence and absence of policy directions though the menace has been around for more than two decades.

Until now, this year the reported dengue cases reached 41,481 with 162 recorded deaths., 17less than the toll in 2019, the worst year for the aedes mosquito borne disease in Bangladesh.

The authorities need to take dengue seriously  to save people from the menace.

 Even one death caused by dengue is bound to be a failure on the part of the authorities with more than 20 years’ experience in handling the vector bore infection.