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Huge credibility gap of govt with opposition

Politics 2023-11-30, 10:45am


Awami Lwague, BNP flags

As days pass by there is stll no sign that the government and the opposition will come to terms by ironing out the differences that exist between them over political issues for a participatory parliamentary election. 

How it can be if one side accuses the other of subverting the interests of the country. While the government says the country will not be safe in the hands of arsonists, the opposition says the government has done so much of damages to the state that it needs urgent repair to be back on the track of democracy before credible elections can be held.

The economy is in ruins with most people struggling to meet their daily needs because of skyrocketing prices of essentials. The government boasts of development achieved during its 15-year rule and the rise of per capita income above US$2,500. But the tricle down economics has not brought benefits to the lower strata of the society due political discretion used in the distribution of wealth.

The opposition complains that all government jobs have in the last 15 years remained confined to families of the ruling party or their relations. Same was the case with awarding government's contractual work and the issuance of new business licences plus allowing about 50 banks in the private sector.

The worse thing is the financial crimes committed in the forms of bank scams, loan defaults, plundering of the share market at the cost of general investors have remained unpunishd. The import, distribution and retailing of liquefied petroleum gas has remained concentrated to the same class. Businessmen with family backgrounds of the BNP have squized business operations because of difficulties in obtaining banking support.

On the top of all these things the ordinary people remain without their basic rights to  freedom of speech, expression, movement and assembly amid police excesses. Monolithic Bangladesh in fact has been sharply divided not only on political lines but also in economic opportunities down to even even state-funded social safetynet benefits. The fight of the opposition is not just fair elections but also repair of the structure of the state where the civil.administration, law enforcing agencies as well was the courts will function independently and impartially. The credibily gap between the government and the opposition has become huge over time and need to be bridged for creating a level playing field for free, fair elections and democracy.