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Rampal Power Plant proves resilient during cyclone, showcases envir efforts

GreenWatch Desk Power 2024-06-09, 3:46pm


The resilience of Rampal Power Plant during the recent cyclone not only highlights the strength and quality of the plant's infrastructure developed by BHEL, an Indian government PSU and one of biggest companies contributing in the power sector infrastructure in India, but also underscores the dedication of the officials and the company behind it.

Moreover, the fact that the plant was able to operate normally while providing shelter to citizens showcases its importance as a reliable source of power and as a community asset during challenging times.
The environmental efforts of BIFPCL are equally noteworthy. Transforming once marshy land into a thriving mini forest demonstrates a commitment to environmental preservation. The creation of a greenbelt surrounding the plant not only provides sanctuary for domestic and migratory birds such as kingfisher, woodpecker, varieties of sparrows, maina, cuckoo etc. but also serves as a testament to the company's dedication to sustainability.
Collaborating with the Forest Department for tree planting initiative, the power station has taken concrete steps toward environmental conservation by planting over 1,00,000 trees in the project vicinity, which emphasizes BIFPCL's commitment to environmental conservation. Planting mangrove trees and other local varieties such as coconut, mangoes, jackfruit, Ashoka and many other varieties not only contributes to biodiversity but also acts as a natural barrier against cyclones and helping in preservation of land from erosion by acting as a natural embankment—further showcasing the company's foresight in environmental management, reports UNB.
This season, about 2,00,000 saplings are planned to be planted in collaboration with the Bangladesh Forest Department and by other stakeholders.
Overall, Rampal Power Plant's resilience during the cyclone and BIFPCL's environmental efforts exemplify a balanced approach towards energy production and environmental sustainability, contributing positively to the country's growth and well-being.