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Car, entourage attacked on way to Feni

Readers’ corner 2023-10-06, 7:31pm


Hasna J Moudud

My car entourage was attacked today on way to Feni Road March organised by BNP demanding freedom for Begum Zia and free and fair inclusive election — a Road March to democracy. 

Attacking my cars in front to house of Obaidul Quader Secretary General of Awami League is the example of free and fair election promised by Awami League. They attacked 5 buses and about 20 CNG baby taxis, beat up and injured more than 25 people who are now in hospital. 

They took off 2 gold rings worn by Roushan my worker and snached  her mobile while she was fighting to save her elderly husband who was being  beaten up by steel rod and punches. 

At first 15 young people started the attack when they found out these people are unarmed they called others by phone and hundreds appeared with deshi weapons and started to beat up my workers, No one dared to save them or protect  themselves. This is the example of AL promise of holding free and fair elections. It’s big news in Bangladesh.

Hasna J Moudud