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Sir Frank was a Godsend to our family

Anika, Kajol, Aqib and Urmee Rahman Readers’ corner 2024-05-04, 11:48pm


Sir Frank Peters

My son Aqib and Sir Frank Peters share the same birthdate, which is May 4 and both exchange birthday greetings with each other.

While Aqib sends him birthday wishes found on the Internet, Sir Frank always responds with a personalized birthday card that mentions Aqib by name and is filled with positive thinking and encouragement for him to enjoy and do well in his studies.

Two years ago we went through a long period of family grief. Aqib’s grandmother had died, which affected him more than the rest of us. He was her favourite and he loved her. He lost interest in studying and even playing with his friends and was slowly, but surely going down hill. Naturally his father and I were very concerned and confided in our family doctor who told us it was his way of grieving and not to worry too much.

To make a long story short, Aqib wrote to Sir Frank whom he had met at a school awards presentation day in Banasree and expressed the sorrow and disappointment he felt. To his surprise and delight, he received a fairly lengthy reply that literally changed his thinking and turned his life around.

I cannot recall precisely what Sir frank wrote, but he advised him to change his attitude towards the world and the world would change its attitude towards him, but he must be the first to change. He told him attitude at the beginning of a task determines its outcome, so to always think positively. If you expect good results, you will get good results.

He advised him not to see learning as work (or it will become work, drudgery and boring), but to engage in it as a fun activity like one might engage their interests in playing a computer game and not to view homework as ‘work’ but as home fun or home play an lots more.

Aqib read it over and over again what he had written and applied his advice to great effect. They say Allah sends a teacher when the pupil is ready to learn. I think my family has been witness to how God works and we’re most grateful to Allah and to Sir Frank, who has been a Godsend in our greatest hour of need.

Thank you Sir Frank. We wish you a very happy birthday for May 4 and many more to come.

Anika, Kajol, Aqib and Urmee Rahman