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Gen Solaimani while fighting ISIS in Iraq sought blessings of prayers of starving deers of Tehran

Readers’ corner 2024-06-18, 8:18pm


Iranian Gen Qasem Soleimani

IRNA News Agency:One day, a close comrade of the revered martyr Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani recounted that during one of Soleimani's trips amidst the ISIS crisis in Iraq, which took place in the winter, Soleimani called from Iraq under circumstances where the sound of gunfire was clearly audible, indicating he was in a combat situation. 

In that call, he mentioned that he had heard about heavy snowfall in Tehran. I confirmed this. He then said: "Listen carefully to what I'm about to say and act quickly. With this snow, the deer near the mountain close to the IRGC base will surely come down in search of food. Today, procure enough fodder and place it in several locations so they do not starve." 

Since I was the commander at the time, I promptly took action and by noon, I had implemented his suggestion. To my astonishment, he called again in the afternoon and asked: "What did you do?!" I told him that his order had been carried out and the deer were grateful. I asked him how, in such a difficult situation where he was engaged with ISIS, he could be thinking about the deer near the base. 

He responded: "I strongly believe in the blessings of their prayers." – from Kazi Azizul Huq