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Darfur: Nearly 1 million refugees on the ‘precipice’ of massacre

Readers’ corner 2024-07-07, 11:50pm


Refugees in Darfur, Sudan

Right now, Sudan is hell on Earth.

A genocidal army has raped and massacred thousands of people. There's evidence of child soldiers fighting and dying, and mass graves dot the desert.

Now Darfur’s capital is under attack, with almost a million refugees trapped inside. Experts are calling it a "killbox."

These unspeakable atrocities are happening in a near-total information blackout. Sudan has shuttered the internet, arrested local reporters, and blocked foreign journalists -- meaning very little media coverage, or pressure on governments to act.

But a small team of war-crimes investigators is breaking through, using a cutting-edge combination of satellite imagery and witness accounts to document the shocking violence. The project has already led to major news stories and government intervention, helping to trigger sanctions on the worst warlords.

With the attack in Darfur underway, however, this work is needed like never before -- and it urgently needs funding to continue. 

If enough of us chip in, we can power this life-saving project, fund investigations and non-stop political advocacy. Together we can give journalists, governments, and prosecutors the evidence they need to galvanise urgent action. You'll also be powering Avaaz campaigns to defend human rights around the world. - Genocide Alert Campaign Team - Avaaz