Thursday , April 2 2020
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T-Aman farming target exceeds by 2.82 pc in N-region

T-Aman farming target exceeds by 2.82 pc in N-region

The farmers have already exceeded farming target of Transplanted Aman (T-Aman) by 2.82 per cent
so far in the northern region, commonly known as the country’s food granary, official sources said.
Despite recent drought-like situation, farmers have already brought 17,95,653 hectares land under
T-Aman cultivation, which is higher by 49,205 hectares (2.82 per cent) than fixed farming target of
17,46,448 hectares this season.
“The farmers will bring more land under Aman cultivation as they are still continuing transplantation
of some late and aromatic variety paddies,” said Horticulture Specialist Khandker Md Mesbahul
Islam of the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE).
The DAE officials are expecting a bumper production of the major cereal crop this season in the
region as the tender T-Aman plants have been growing superbly following frequent and adequate
rainfall in recent weeks.
According to the DAE sources, a target of producing 46,07,625 tonnes clean Aman rice has been
fixed through bringing 17,46,448 hectares land under its cultivation this season in the region.
Under the programme, 16,03,451 hectares of land were to be brought under cultivation of high
yielding variety T-Aman to produce 43,50,964 tonnes rice, 1,26,606 hectares under local variety to
produce 2,02,570 tonnes rice and 16,327 hectares under hybrid variety to produce 54,090 tonnes
Aman rice.
However, farmers have already brought 16,81,016 hectares of land under cultivation of high yielding
variety T-Aman, 96,893 hectares under local variety and 17,744 hectares under hybrid variety TAman farming in the region.
Farmers Mahfuz Ali, Kamal Hossain and Abul Kalam said they have completed seedling
transplantation and the tender plants are growing well following adequate rainfall since the
beginning of August after a month long drought-like situation.
Rangpur Regional Additional Director of the DAE Sikander Ali said T-Aman plants are growing
superbly in the fields everywhere predicting a bumper production of the crop this year as the
climatic condition has become favourable now.
“The farmers are expecting to harvest the early, short duration and drought-tolerant variety T-Aman
paddies like BRRI dhan 33, BRRI dhan 39, BRRI dhan 56 and 57, BINA dhan 7 and BU dhan 1 from the
first week of October next,” he added.
Associate Director (Agriculture) of BRAC International (South Asia and Africa) Dr M A Mazid said
frequent rainfall largely helps better growth and the T-Aman fields have worn eye-catching looks
now forecasting bumper production this season. -BSS, Rangpur