'Education, learning no longer limited to boundaries'

2021-11-20, 11:32pm Teaching


Education and learning are no longer limited to a certain boundary.

Dhaka, Nov 20 :  In this age of globalisation, education and learning are no longer limited to a certain boundary.

Now and then, different sessions, webinars and workshops are being organised virtually, where international experts and academics shed light on different issues related to the overall development and future-fit skills, Dr Sandeep Ananthanarayanan, group chief executive officer of STS Group, told UNB.

"Students should explore every opportunity to learn and grow. Different professional networking sites can also help them gather insights about current market trends," he said.

"Workshops organised by study centres and universities can also help broaden the outlook of the students. When you are well aware of the changing scenario and have the necessary skills, it will be much easier to achieve your goals."

"Also, we are living in an age when only degrees are not enough to get you a good and respectable job. The market is very competitive now. Employers look for many things in a prospective candidate, including future-fit skills that are necessary to survive the changes thrust upon us by the pandemic and the subsequent digital transformation."

"So, when you are planning your career, you must keep in mind that only earning a degree is not going to help. Rather, you have to keep tabs on the changes going around you and in the market and develop skills accordingly to stay ahead of others. Different sessions arranged by international universities can be a good opportunity," Sandeep said.

"Meanwhile, the pandemic has resulted in a very unfavourable situation for students and job-seekers. Geographical barriers and restrictions imposed due to coronavirus have compounded the situation further. So, people are having trouble getting suitable jobs. At such a time, you need the right degree with the right set of skills."

"When you are pursuing higher education, you must have the right insights and skills in your possession to thrive in a particular environment defying all odds. Moreover, it is important to develop different future-fit skills in the backdrop of changing market scenarios to flourish your career and excel in the study as well."

In this regard, workshops in skill development can play great roles as the students get the chance to acquire new skills and gather knowledge, said Sandeep.

Also, owing to the pandemic, many countries halted educational opportunities and overseas programmes for quite some time. However, with the vaccination underway in full swing, many others are opening their doors once again.

But it is often seen that many students from Bangladesh cannot pursue higher degrees abroad because of different constraints, including financial burden and sudden shock created by a different education system.

So, many students are deprived of quality higher education. In many countries, foreign universities open study centres to facilitate the aspiring students and create opportunities for them to seek a higher degree from a foreign university.

"There are many public and private universities in the country which are offering different degrees to aspiring students. Most recently, Monash College Australia has started its operation in Bangladesh, which will contribute to developing the higher education scenario in the country in terms of academic reputation, international faculty ratio and research opportunities," said Sandeep.

The STS Group's group chief executive officer has worked with eminent professors from world-class universities such as Wharton, Yale, Kellogg and Stanford and also the co-author of the best-seller "CULT: Strategy and Leadership & Business Strategy - Ruthlessly Redefined" and the author of "Power Business Strategies."

STS Group operates DPS STS School, International School Dhaka and Monash College-UCB Center - Bangladesh's first and the only government-approved international education institution, reports UNB.