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Univ teachers’ meeting with Quader postponed; strike continues

Special Correspondent Teaching 2024-07-04, 6:24pm


Univ teachers’ meeting with Quader postponed; strike continues

Dhaka, July 04 -The stalemate at public universities continued for the 4th consecutive day on Thursday due to the indefinite strike by teachers and staff.

The teachers’ meeting scheduled to be held with Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader today was also postponed.

Dhaka University teachers arranged a rally in front of the main gate of Arts Faculty where at least 90 teachers from other 35 public universities were present to express solidarity with demand of their exclusion from Prattay Pension Scheme.

Addressing the rally, Secretary General of University Teachers Association Federation and President of Dhaka University Teachers Association Dr. Nizamul Haque Bhuiyan said,  the universal pension scheme is totally discriminatory and it will give facilities to some people and will make others deprived. “This pension scheme degraded our dignity and compel us to think about our financial matters and future generations.”

“University teachers’ inclusion in the pension scheme will affect the profession badly. If teachers are included in the scheme, they will be deprived of facilities,” he added.

Asked about their expectation, Prof. Nizamul said, “We are expecting the authorities will speak with us about this matter. We had a scheduled meeting today with Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader but due to an urgent programme, he couldn’t join us today. We are expecting to talk to him soon. We are sure that some government officials misled the Prime Minister giving her false or fabricated information, if we can talk to her the problem will be resolved.”

Asked about the meeting cancellation Abdur Rahim, joint secretary general of University Teachers Association Federation, said, he might have an important programme where state’s interest is related. “But our need is also important. It should be taken care with great importance. It is not good for a country that its higher educational institutions remain closed for a long time. We will continue our movement until our demands are heard. There is no alternative way.”-UNB