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Women should practise saying no

News Desk Woman 2024-01-27, 12:01pm


Nowadays women have got empowered in the world than before.

Have you ever faced a problem saying YES and agreeing with others? If the answer is yes, how do you overcome this situation? How much time do you feel that your inner mind wants to say NO but because of the pressure of the family or society you always say YES?! Euginia Herlithy, a British inspirational writer once said, Saying o is more important than saying yes because you have to protect your life first before committing it to others." Prioritizing self care attitude, women should know how to utter rejection and why to say it.

Nowadays women have got empowered in the world than before. But it is also the bitter truth women do not have the power to express their feelings when it is necessary to cry out saying o. How can a woman practise it for her well-being? A mother has a great role in spreading awareness to her daughter. A daughter should be taught how to raise her voice from early childhood, protecting the unwholesome situation.  If we want our girls, our daughters will respect their views and outlooks and they will be able to make their decisions, they should firmly utter the word o. Physical safety is one of the most crucial issues in girls life. Especially when a girl encounters any stranger, she should put into practise saying thumbs down to avoid uncomfortable and harmful situations. Moreover, a girl should know how to affirm the negative attitude to ensure empowerment and equality from early childhood and during adolescence. Undoubtedly, if we, women crave to enhance healthy relationships in personal and professional areas, we have to say o very often.  To make the life stress-free, women can define their true life maintaining a sense of self control and self respect by saying o.

The impact of women actions and autonomy is emphasized by feminist theory.  Saying o is a fundamental right to uplift the individual empowerment in which women can allow themselves to choose the reason of using rejection for releasing the social pressure. To eliminate the negative aspects and toxic situations in our life and make a healthy environment, saying o can be a powerful tool indeed. Women are to build up rapport with others, so, now and then, they can politely but firmly express their boundaries by saying, I praise your request, but I will not be able to do that or Im not able to commit to this.

Therefore, women can give the reasons why they are not able to prioritise others opinions. They should perform assertive body language; maintain firm eye contact, use a calm and steady voice to articulate the speech clearly.  

The Alchemist writer, Paulo Coelho said, When you say yes to others, make sure you are not saying o to yourself. Needless to say, the conscience of your inner soul has supreme importance in your life and practising saying o can be the peaceful word to tackle the inner beauty of life.