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5.3 magnitude quake detected at N.Korea nuke testing zone


Suspected nuclear test takes place on DPRK Foundation Day
Chad O’Carroll
A 5.3 magnitude seismic event, likely a nuclear test, has been detected approximately 10km from North Korea’s nuclear test site.
The event was recorded as taking place at a depth of 0km by USGS.“We detected a 5.0 magnitude man-made earthquake near North’s Punggye-ri, but we are investigating whether it’s a nuclear test or not,” South Korea’s Joint Chief of Staff said just before 10.00 AM local time.
The event, which occurred 9.30AM Pyongyang time, has occurred on the DPRK’s National Foundation Day, a public holiday.
North Korea last conducted a nuclear test on January 6, 2016, much to the surprise of international observers. Pyongyang made no warning of that test.
The last time more than one test took place in a year was in 1998, when Pakistan and India conducted a number of tests.
News of the development comes after the North conducted a salvo of three Rodong mid-range ballistic missile launches on Monday. – Source: NK News


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