Abu Sayeed's latest film at Montreal Film Festival

Abu Sayeed’s latest film at Montreal Film Festival


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Filmmaker Abu Sayeed’s latest flick, Dressing Table is set to be premièred at the 40th Montreal World Film Festival which has started from today. The film is scheduled to be screened on August 26, 27 and 29, under the “Focus On World Cinema” section

Abu Sayeed, one of the pioneers of independent cinema in Bangladesh, has made plenty of critically acclaimed, independent films in the past, including the likes of Kittonkhola (2000), Shankhonad (2004), Nirontor (2006) and Rupantor (2008). Abu Sayeed has previously won the National Film Award in nine different categories including the Best Film and Best Director in 2000.

The film has been submitted to the Censor Board and is scheduled to be released in the last week of September. A trailer has already been released on YouTube.

The story of Dressing Table, revolves around two lead characters, Shila and Ruhul, both brought up in different orphanages who end up marrying each other later in the film. Portraying a lower-middle-class family living through dire financial conditions, they are struggling to make their lives better. They do not own a dressing table at their home, which is considered to be an essential piece of furniture for a newly married couple. One day, Ruhul purchases an old dressing table for their little family. Even though it’s old, Shila is delighted to have it. Next morning, while cleaning the dressing table, she finds an old diary in its drawer. At this point, the story turns to a whole new path.

Tarin Rahman, a beauty who received widespread recognition from the Lux-Channel i Superstars pageant, breathes life in to the role of Shila and is set to debut on the big screen with Dressing Table.

Alongside Tarin, the film also casts A K Azad, S K Firoz, Mohammad Bari, Nadia Khanam, Ifat Trisha, Khalilur Rahman Kaderi and Paresh Acharja.

The film’s story, screenplay, cinematography and editing has been done by the director himself with Impress Telefilm Limited producing it.


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