Ashraf calls those 'elated by Modi's win' fools

Ashraf calls those ‘elated by Modi’s win’ fools


The Awami League general secretary has said those in Bangladesh who are ‘overjoyed’ by the victory of BJP in India’s parliamentary elections have no knowledge about foreign policy.
“People who are saying that since Congress is no longer in power in New Delhi, Awami League will also fall now are simply foolish. No one with an iota of knowledge about foreign policy will say this,” Syed Ashraful Islam said on Saturday.The local government minister was speaking at an event to mark the homecoming of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in 1981.
After the results of India’s Lok Sabha election came out on Saturday, prime minister-elect Narendra Modi was congratulated first by the BNP, then Jamaat-e-Islami and then Jatiya Party. Later Prime minister Sheikh Hasina too congratulated him.
A leading Bangla daily said BJP’s victory had elated BNP and made the government ‘uncomfortable’.
“India and Myanmar are our neighbours. Change of regime there does not affect Bangladesh,” Syed Ashraf said.
“We do not mortgage our freedom to anyone. We’re no one’s followers and no one is our master. Our relationship with India will remain the same.”
The veteran leader said Bangladesh did not gain its independence by anyone’s mercy. “We fought and won our freedom,” he said.
He urged his fellow party members to take a lesson from Congress’ defeat.
“Congress, who brought India’s independence, was defeated in the elections. People have punished them for becoming isolated from the people.”
“This is the lesson of democracy. Power isn’t permanent. When you’re in power you have to go to the people,” he said.
Ashraf lashed out against talk-show pundits and newspaper columnists. “In truth, these people have no in-depth knowledge about any particular issue.”
He warned party members against harmful activities. “You have to give up the lust for power. Often there are bad media reports about some of you. Bangabandhu’s soldiers must not get embroiled in things that hurt the image of Sheikh Hasina and the party.”
The minister mentioned the prime minister’s imminent Japan tour, adding, “Soon, she will visit China as well. We want to establish good relationship with all countries.”
He called on the party to strengthen the hands of Sheikh Hasina.
“Bangladesh needs a leader like Sheikh Hasina in every era. We have to be alert, and always stand united beside her,” he said. –


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