Bachchu Razakar in Europe

Bachchu Razakar in Europe


Absconding death-row war criminal Abul Kalam Azad alias Bachchu Razakar is moving around in Europe, ‘sheltered’ by Pakistan Jamaat-e-Islami, says a counsel of the International Crimes Tribunal (ICT). The government could not find any significant lead in the hunt for Bachchu Razakar after he fled three years ago.Asked about his whereabouts, ICT Prosecutor Zead-Al-Malum said, “As far as we know, he was in Pakistan for some time after he fled [Bangladesh].”Then he has been frequently travelling around European countries, including England and Sweden, under the shelter of Pakistan’s Jamaat-e-Islami,” he said.”He stayed in England for some time. He was last seen in Sweden. We received this information six months ago,” he said.Former Rukon of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Bachchu Razakar was sentenced to death on Jan 21, 2013 for crimes against humanity that included genocide, murder, rape and looting during the Liberation War.He has been absconding since the filing of the case.He fled Dhaka amidst detective surveillance on Mar 30, 2012.According to the law-enforcing agencies, he entered India through Hili border to flee to Pakistan.Police could not provide any information on his whereabouts since then.Referring to a journalist staying in Sweden, ICT Prosecutor Malum said the war criminal is in that country and the information is ‘authentic’.

“Those we are fighting are strong enough in and outside the country. They can do anything to thwart the trial by using foreign lobby,” he said.”That’s why we have been maintaining communication with pro-Liberation War forces, individuals and organisations in and outside the country since the tribunal was constituted,” he contacted Sabbir Khan, a Bangladeshi expatriate in Sweden, who is the international affairs secretary of Ekattorer Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee, to know about Bachchu Razakar’s whereabouts.”We’ve heard such news [that he is in Sweden], but we haven’t seen him,” he said.He did not rule out the possibility of Bachchu Razakar’s presence in Sweden.”His brother-in-law lives here. Besides, the Jamaat community is strong here,” Khan said.According to him, another death-row war crimes convict Zahid Hossain Khokon, who had headed the Razakar force in Faridpur, is in Sweden now.He has been seen in several programmes of Jamaat here, Khan said.Khokon was an associate of Bachchu Razakar during the war. He lives in Stockholm with his son and daughter.

Earlier this year, the government formed a committee of home ministry, foreign ministry, law ministry and law-enforcing agencies to bring back war criminals staying abroad.The head of the committee, the home ministry’s Additional Secretary (Political) Abu Hena Rahmatul Mumin that the issue of Bachchu Razakar has been forwarded to the Interpol.”No update from them till now,” he said.


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