Bangladeshi films at London Bengali Film Festival

Bangladeshi films at London Bengali Film Festival


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Screening three Bangladeshi films, the London Bengali Film Festival (LBFF) is going to kick off on April 14 in London amidst the festivity of the Bengali new year.

LBFF is an annual celebration of films from or about the Bengali diaspora. It is also regarded as the largest Bengali film festival in the world.

A total of six films have been selected for the first London Bengali Film Festival. The three day festival includes Her Own Address (Sutopar Thikana) by Proshoon Rahmaan, Runaway (Udhao) by Amit Ashraf and The Poisoning Sap (Brihonnola) by Murad Parvez; all three entries from Bangladesh.

A Ray of Light (Ek Phaali Rodh) by Atanu Ghosh, Family Album by Mainak Bhaumik from India and joint production of UK and Pakistan Dara will also be showcased at the festival.

In addition to the film screenings, the festival will conduct free seminars to honour the festival’s education partner, the Film Department of the London Metropolitan University.

“The festival is a landmark as it showcases alternative stories and experiences in the film fraternity from the Bengali diaspora, aimed at the UK public,” says a press release.

“Mainstream films have a global audience, but global stories also need to be seen by the mainstream audience. The London Bengali Film Festival does exactly that,” says Munsur Ali, founder and CEO of LBFF.


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